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Fête des lumières in Lyon

Published Tuesday 26 August 2014

This world-class event is held every year in December.

Find all the information about: www.fetedeslumieres.lyon.fr

Weekend of December 8, 2014

fetes des lumieres Lyon

Each year in December, is the Festival of Lights: Lyon becomes brighter and the playground of shadows and lights. For four days, the city is adorned with innovative illuminations - sometimes surprising - and this is a very enthusiastic crowd that lives to the rhythm of light projections. 
This festival is one deeply rooted in the life of the city and in the heart of Lyon custom. All December 8 residents illuminate the facades of their houses with candles, symbols of the festivities. 

Known worldwide, the event attracts more and more tourists marvel at the latest in sensational scene. The sound and light shows, and original designs are the opportunity to understand the heritage and architecture of Lyon in a unique context.